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Seeking Therapy

Updated: Feb 25

We must be mindful of what we do with our children regarding therapies. Are we working toward supporting them, or changing them? Are we striving toward actualisation, or normalisation? Therapy is important. It should build upon and link strengths, teach new skills and create new pathways. It should respect and hear a child. It should respect and hear a parent. It should see the child as a complete and whole being already. Not be a goal to work toward. It should not be distressing, curative or seek to 'correct' the innate being. Every single human being has value, just as they are. When we use therapies to change who a child is, we instil self rejection. We instil self loathing, self hatred. We encourage a child to understand their difference by highlighting the ways in which we wish them to change. To be different. To be better. We must be careful. There is a fine line in therapies. We must communicate to a child what we are doing and why. We must recognise, respect and actualise a child as complete and whole NOW.