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  • Kristy Forbes

Anxiety in Autism

Updated: Feb 25

Anxiety can be debilitating, but if we tuned in to our bodies more closely, we might learn that our physical responses are a way of keeping us alive..particularly in the autistic person, where our cognitive processing can lag under pressure or stress.

Our bodies take over-which is why we have whole body responses and we'll often experience physical symptoms before we're able to think rationally and calmly.

Our stomachs hurt, we freeze or sweat, we shake, feel we can't breathe, we rage or completely shut down.

Our thoughts and feelings (both physical and emotional) are often one and the same.

As an autistic person, I've learnt to honour my physical body.

Even my anxiety can be my greatest ally.

Where I've not listened to the wisdom and protection of my physical body, I've been afflicted with various autoimmune diseases and chronic illness over time.

This is common among autistics.

Burn out is imminent. We MUST implement self care for survival.

Rest, foods that are right for our bodies, limiting who we share our energy with, indulging in our special interests and passions.

These are not luxuries. They are imperative. They are not just 'quirks' or 'traits' of our neurology, but perfectly designed strategies formed by nature to assist in the survival of our brain and body types.


We are here, having an absolute mind, body, spirit experience as autistics.

The depth and level of intensity we feel and think at is beyond this world.

Our bodies will persist in communication with us, until our mind catches up with what it wants us to recognise and understand.