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  • Kristy Forbes

Why our Autistic Children NEED the NEURODIVERSITY MOVEMENT.

Updated: Feb 25

When we say.. .

“The neurodiversity movement is reductionist bullshit and doesn’t include my child who is nonverbal and severely autistic”.. . WE create a barrier. . WE reduce. . We take away something so precious, something we all want for our children.. . A community of people who stands before us and says: . “Your child is so much more than any professional may have you believe. Your child is more intelligent than any textbook will have you understand.” . When we say: . “The Neurodiversity movement only serves those autistics who can accomplish and contribute in line with capitalist ideologies and values”.. .

WE underestimate. . WE assume. . We overlook something so valuable, so important, so worthy.. . A community of self determinism, because of it’s autism and not despite it. . Where many care not for capitalism and all it stands for. Rather, among them; peacemakers, healers and helpers, people who want nothing more than to change the world, for all of us, for all of our children. . This is evident in that they have lost so much, been dismissed and invalidated most of their lives and continue to be, yet here they stand, before us.. . Offering availability, experience, vulnerability, authenticity and courage. . The neurodiversity movement so many reject, claims our autistic children as their own, as members of their community; as one of them. A community of human beings who understands, accepts and embraces our children. . The autistic community advocates to better the world, to change the understandings of autism so that others will connect with their autistic children with new understandings, so that the world will allow autistics to thrive, to achieve actualisation rather than normalisation. . The neurodiversity movement outstretches it’s arms and welcomes our children. . Unconditionally. . The BARRIER is the person who seeks to denigrate the autistic community and the neurodiversity movement. . The autistic community, the neurodiversity movement; seeks acceptance rather than rejection. . It both seeks and offers love and acceptance. . And LOVE, nor ACCEPTANCE is ever a barrier. . . Image: Dan Ashback.