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  • Kristy Forbes

Which legacy will you leave?

Updated: Feb 25

I’m always astonished that autism acceptance, that accepting diversity requires a ‘movement’.

I look forward to the day when people acknowledge the insanity of the need for such a thing at all, but the power in which the Neurodiversity Movement completely changed the human paradigm. . I visualise my descendants exploring their family history-the stories of who went before them.. . And discovering that I was the first in a long line of my generations to be an adult diagnosed as autistic. . But they won’t see tragedy. . . I’ll leave behind me a long, heavy imprint of PRIDE. . The legacy of autistic pride. . I might be known as the eccentric, the different or the special one..sure (already am).. . But when the world KNOWS-truly knows who we, autistics REALLY are.. . My four children who are also autistic, . And their children, . And their children, . Will stand steady and confident in who they are. . It’s this visualisation that has me grateful for the one thing that gave me a lot of grief over my lifetime.. . I, (and others) for so long considered myself as strongly opinionated with a loud mouth.. . But I now recognise these attributes as gifts.. . Autistic gifts; . My strong beliefs, lived experience and a steady voice that carries them. . What narrative will you leave behind for your lineage? . Tragedy and grief? . Or pride and change?