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  • Kristy Forbes

My World is a Sensory World

Updated: Feb 25

My world is a sensory world. . As a child, my favourite days were those where I wandered alone, on my grandparent’s property. . I’d walk along the channel bank in pure bliss, completely immersed in nature singing songs from The Sound of Music. . I can still access that feeling of pure joy now. . I was in complete awe of the world-the natural world. . The way the trees sounded when the wind moved through them, the sound of hens verbally stimming as they scratched at the earth with their feet. . The smell of morning; of country air. . Each part of the world has a different smell, a different sensory offering, a range of tactile delights and a series of vibrations-sometimes beautiful, sometimes smothering and stale. . I stopped, as a littlen, to smell everything. To touch it with my hands and often to use the tip of my tongue to understand foreign things. . I completely immersed myself, lost the concept of where I began and nature started. . There really isn’t a separation between us. . I lost touch with this part of my being for the longest time.. . But it visited me in my dreams. . I often dream of places in nature I visited as a child and the feeling, the vibration, the energy visits my dreams too. . People, places and things that disturb me; that remove me from my centre are but distractions. . Nature is the only constant, the only true reality. . 🌿🍁🍄🌝🌻 . . Kristy Forbes Autism & Neurodiversity Support Specialist . . Image: Sarah S. Stillwell.