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  • Kristy Forbes

Putting my oxygen mask on first

Updated: Feb 25

So now Mum and daughter are twinning it with noise cancelling headphones. . It’s been recommended to me a number of times but I thought my needs weren’t important and my children needed all my focus to be on theirs. . If we don’t care for us, our children really miss out. . They miss out on the best versions of us. . Sensory processing is by far my biggest hurdle on a daily basis. . It is the single most painful challenge to deal with.. . Pitches, tones, combinations of sounds, acoustics, devices, conversations, mowers, pots and pans, plates going into the sink, dogs barking.. . All of it. And it isn’t just about volume. . And being behind always while my brain tries hurriedly to make sense of the scrambled mess of information. . Add on top of that touch, smell, sight and taste. . My brain is also processing all of that at the same time. . At the end of a very long day of a constant bombardment of sound, pain moves through my body and I am extremely agitated and tactile defensive (can’t be touched) and I have to shut myself away because I have nothing left in me to cope with normal stuff..like people just talking to me. . I can not believe the relief these things bring, but I have felt silly and ‘over the top’ and unworthy of having a pair just for me. . Each night I wait until Miss 7 is sleeping and I put her pair straight on my head and breathe out a sigh of relief. . We have to stand up and show our vulnerabilities and our needs as people on the spectrum, or not on the spectrum, it doesn’t matter. . By hiding and pretending and masking, we feed misunderstanding and stereotypes. . So here’s to looking after our needs and not feeling like an inconvenience. . ❤️🎧🎧🎧❤️