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  • Kristy Forbes

Thank you, Mama

Updated: Feb 25

I have never known Will never know The same love This love That I feel for you My children. How unworthy I feel To have been graced With your birth, Your existence, You. You have raised my consciousness Transformed my connection with myself My understanding of myself and others And all because you gifted me With a new understanding A new awareness An acceptance Of autism. How could I, how could anybody Not love and embrace you, My girls? How could anybody Not be moved By your spirit Your courage Your unrelenting forgiveness And pardon Of all the ways in which we moved Sideways, Diagonally, But mostly backwards All the way to Acceptance. We now move forward Leaving so much behind. Unhappiness, Self loathing, Confusion, Inadequacy. We move forward With love. Thank you, Mama. . . ❤️