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  • Kristy Forbes

What Women Do

Updated: Feb 25

When I was a young girl, Somebody told me that Women made an ‘effort’ By wearing a full face of makeup. That it showed Self respect and dignity. That didn’t feel right to me But I ignored how I felt Because what would I know? I plastered on so much makeup My skin would itch And nobody ever saw the me underneath. My skin never breathed Or saw the light of day. “Why do you wear so much makeup?” People would ask. “So you don’t see who I am” I would think But not say. When I was a young adult, I stopped wearing it. Stopped buying it. I learned to be comfortable With the world seeing me. And then a culture erupted Of women being told They were vain Or self consumed Or in some manner Less than If they wore make up. As a 39 year old woman I slowly found the courage To tune into what I want For myself. To let go Of the beauty and ‘being’ Standards Set for me. Mostly by other women. Who were continuing The abuse toward themselves That society had started In our most impressionable years. I cut off my long hair. I rediscovered makeup. And I enjoyed Experimenting With colour Texture Art. I defy the bullshit That says Women can’t be.. People can’t be.. I love and appreciate and honour My body. The same body I abused Trying to keep up With that bullshit. Trying to guess Which box I was to fit into that month. My body has gifted me Children Life Love Freedom. And the truest freedom Of all Is to be Perfectly unconventional Perfectly me. . . . . Kristy Forbes . . . Artist: Jessica Durrant