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  • Kristy Forbes

A space of potent gratitude

Updated: Mar 1

I’m currently sitting in a space of potent gratitude. . Recently I was interviewed by Debbie Reber at @tiltparenting . It was a beautiful interview and in closing, I touched on my deep gratitude and appreciation for my community. . My community is all of you. . Autistic, non autistic, families, carers, professionals. . In offering support and solidarity, I’ve been gifted it back one thousand fold and then some. . Not a single day goes by where I don’t touch base with somebody from my community. . I wake up to messages, pictures, comments that make me giggle. . I am always heard and seen. . There is always a tonne of you reaching out just to say “Me too!”. . I don’t have to script or mask. . I don’t have to be anything other than who I am. . I have support in many places, at every corner of the earth. . Thank you. . From the bottom of my heart. . Thank you. . For sharing this journey. . For the love. . . . ❤️