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  • Kristy Forbes

Tuning in

Updated: Mar 1

Tuning in to my children

Allows me to tune into me

I’m reminded of who I was

Who I am

At my most innocent and naive

I see glimpses in my babies

Of their Mama

I experience and bask

In the very characteristics

That were not received so well

In me

Our children

Guide us

Show us

The beauty

The simplicity

The joy

Within ourselves

Within life

I have learnt

To like myself

To love myself

Inside of my connection

My joy

My love

For my children

I have learnt

To see myself

Through the eyes

Of my children

Loved unconditionally


I have learnt

To live

In the moment

Completely present

Attending to the now

Engaged in the only thing

I have to be aware of


I have learnt to smile

To laugh

To cry

To share

To be vulnerable

To say No

To say Yes

To ask for what I need

To make choices

Based on how I feel

And what I want

Independent and detached from

How I might be perceived

By others

My children have shown me

They have taught me

They have led me

Back to me