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  • Kristy Forbes

I don't like cake

I don’t like cake.

It’s texture is almost identical to the cheap foam mattresses one might take camping.

No thanks.

Also, potato chips.


Thin layers of rust, flavoured.

Just so wrong.

What’s a popular food you just can’t get your head around (or your gums)?

ETA: I’m adding..

Ham makes my teeth squeak and is a serious sensory issue like nails down a board

Eggplant leaves a very weird sensation in my throat and what the hell is it anyway? Slime and thick skin around it.

Watermelon. Ohhhh whyyyy?! It’s wet foam and mush.

Anything with too much juice.

Ricotta cheese is an optical illusion. Dry as hell once it’s in the mouth.

Anything with a fruit flavour covered in chocolate. Stop it. Stop it now.

Orange cake. Again, stop with the fruit flavour and sweets.

Jaffas. See above.

Omg Pollywaffles! Marshmallows surrounded by paper bark tree and coated in chocolate.

Oh those spearmint leaves, bhisndudncoalsoxjgkwkshz.


Cucumber=raw pumpkin in disguise (seeds included)

Musk sticks = chalky perfume fudge

And here was I thinking I didn’t have food aversions.