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  • Kristy Forbes


This is one of our Xmas traditions. . We make our own gingerbread biscuits and shapes, decorate them and hang them from the tree. . Sounds pretty straight forward right? . Let’s shed some neurodivergence on this tradition shall we?! . The dough is licked, rolled, eaten raw, flicked and thrown, . The icing is sucked from the packaging, painted over faces and hands, . The biscuits are eaten just as quickly as the ribbon is threaded through them to hang from the tree, . The tree is pulled over several times in the attempts to reach and pull the biscuits from the tree, . The tree is half filled with biscuits with little teeth marks across where the icing used to be, . And we LOVE every minute of it. . We love to hang together as a family making these. . It’s a great sensory activity, . It’s delicious, . We laugh a LOT, . We love seeing the little ones excited and happy, . We love seeing them have the freedom to celebrate Xmas in ways that are fun for them, . And did I mention they’re delicious? . In which ways do you inject some neurodivergence into your holiday activities? . . 🎄