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  • Kristy Forbes

You are NOT failing your child

Hey. You are NOT failing your child, or failing as a parent, if your child requires medication.

My brain doesn't make enough serotonin.

I tried everything, for 40 years.

Diet, exercise, supplements, surgeries, programs, self help books, professionals, even the psychiatric ward.

Today, one 10mg pill in the morning at 6am with my morning coffee and I'm good to go.I feared it all my life.

I felt I was betraying my autistic identity.

Ahhh man..

My life today is phenomenal.

I could not do what I do today, consultations, public speaking..ANY OF IT

Without that SSRI in the morning.

It took away my physical pain,

It even connected the neurological dots for me so that I could manage walks

Anxiety took away so much of me, of my life.

I don't feel bad.

I only regret that it took me 40 years to try it when all else had failed.

I am not weak.

I am not failing.

I am taking responsibility for my life as a person who has battled anxiety my entire life,

And I will not apologise for that,

Nor will I ever look back.

I am happy, happy, happy. . . . Kristy Forbes inTune Pathways